FinTech Companies

Upgrade their business by implementing easy payment, overseas transfer,
simple credit evaluation, enterprise ERP Integration and etc.


FinTech Companies

upgrade their business using Coocon

  • Kakao pay
  • Kona card
  • Naver
  • Toss
  • Banksalad
  • Woowa brothers
  • Mediage
  • Bomapp
  • Finda
  • Finnq
  • SSGpay
  • Payco
  • Wadiz
  • 8Percent
  • Fint
  • KCB
  • Bizentro
  • Unipost
  • syrup
  • 알다
  • Bithumb
  • Upbit
  • roumit
  • Finset
  • hanpass
  • Bizplay

PFM Services

Personal Financial Management Services are popular business item as customers want to see their asset
at a glance. Many FinTech Companies are developing innovative financial services with Coocon APIs that
contain individual comprehensive financial data.

Naver Pay
Naver Pay

Naver, Korea's dominant internet portal, adds the feature
in its platform that provides users
a comprehensive picture of personal asset
by utilizing Coocon APIs.

Naver Pay brings users' various financial data – bank
accounts, credit cards, bills, e-points, etc.- from
Coocon APIs into one place without installing each
mobile banking app.

Payment Based Services

Connecting to financial institution and checking identity is a necessary condition for FinTech services.
FinTech companies launch their unique and creative payment services available online using Coocon APIs
such as Verification APIs, Payment APIs, etc.

Kakao Pay
Kakao Pay

Kakaopay with 30 million customers launched a mobile
payment service and digital wallet service. It released
their own debit cards which are able to link to accounts
across all banks in Korea and simplified the process
of issuing debit cards for users' convenience
through Coocon Verification API.

Coocon Verification API automates the customer
verification process, so that Kakaopay could issue
over one million debit cards within one year of launch
without meeting users in person.

  • KONA I
  • NHN Payco
  • Wadiz
  • Upbit
  • SK planet

Insurance / Health Care Platform

For innovation of traditional and complicated insurance industry, InsurTech is growing fast. Many insurance companies
are continuously developing new InsurTech services and healthcare services with Coocon Insurance / Healthcare APIs
which aggregate all insurance data from 40+ insurance companies in Korea and medical records from NHIS.


Bomapp, the first InsurTech app in Korea, enables users to view
all of the insurance policies they hold at glance by connecting
to 40+ insurance companies through Coocon APIs.

Not only does Bomapp automate insurance claims with various
types of insurance data encompassing life, property, car, etc., but
it also provides personalized recommendation services based on
Coocon Insurance / Healthcare APIs.

  • Mediage
  • Bodoc
  • JLK Inspection
  • Medi School

Lending Platform

As the lending market has seen a significant shift from traditional institutions to FinTech companies, consumers now
expect an instantaneous digital lending with various options. Many FinTech companies are continually developing
their lending platform using Coocon Loan APIs which provide data for loan limits and interest rates in real-time.


Toss is a mobile finance platform that has crossed over
10 million monthly active users.
It makes it easier for their users to view their bank accounts,
make a payment, and even find the perfect personalized
loan options by using Coocon APIs.

Its users can view various loan options provided by financial institutions
and apply for a loan in easy steps after checking their eligibility.
With a single button, Toss securely delivers users' documents
through Coocon's dedicated lines.

  • Finda
  • Banksalad
  • Lendit
  • JLK MyBank
  • Alda

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