Public / Private Companies

Improve work efficiency and market competitiveness with COOCON APIs
regardless of their business area or size.


Public/Private Companies

improve work efficiency and market competitiveness with Coocon

  • Samsung
  • Sktelecom
  • SKrentcar
  • KT&G
  • KT
  • AK mall
  • Shinsegae
  • Home&shopping
  • GS shop
  • GS retail
  • Hoban
  • Korea Housing Finance Corporation
  • Korea Student Aid Foundation
  • Kesco
  • Korea Expressway Corporation
  • Samchully
  • Korea ON-line E-Procurement System
  • Korea Land and Housing Corporation
  • Korea Infrastructure Safety CorporationNational
  • Health Insurance Service
  • Republic of Korea ARMY
  • Korea Environment Corporation
  • National Pension Service
  • Incheon airport
  • Korea Gas Safety Corporation
  • Korea Electric Power Corporation
  • The-K

Simple Payment

As mobile transactions are widely used, various types of industries including manufacturing, retail, and finance have
applied simple payment systems. Many companies now improve digital customer experiences with Coocon Simple Payment enabling users to pay without credit cards - once users register their bank accounts
they can pay only with a password.


GS SHOP, the no.1 company in sales and market share
in Korea's home shopping industry, makes it easier to pay
by employing Coocon Simple Account-Based Payment.

Without any separate pay apps,
GS SHOP provides a simple payment service using
Coocon Payment Solutions. Its customers now can
make a payment in simple steps.

  • Home N Shopping
  • SSG Pay
  • Chai
  • Happy Money
  • Mobile Pop

Check Business Status

Checking the business status of companies before transaction is essential for stability. Coocon delivers 5.5+ million
business data through Coocon Big Data, so that large corporations can automate the process of checking
their numerous clients one by one.


Korea's only
Top 100 companies
in the world


Global corporation Samsung improves productivity
in 20+ affiliated companies by eliminating the need
for manual researches and company checks with Coocon
Business Status API.

Samsung prevents payment errors by checking
the closure status of clients and types of taxes
before money transactions and tax returns.
In the process, Coocon API plays an indispensable function.

  • Incheon Airport
  • LH
  • HF
  • Hanwha Techwin
  • Hoban

Real-time Payment

Public institutions and large companies are required to confirm millions of transactions accurately.
Coocon provides safer, faster, and more secure payment services through dedicated lines connecting
to all financial institutions.


NPS(National Pension Service), a public pension fund
in Korea, simplifies the fund management process
with Coocon Virtual Account Service.

Coocon Virtual Account Service enables clients to
confirm the payment results and get notifications
in real-time. Using these features, NPS can automate
its payment system and efficiently manage funds of
21+ million people in Korea.

  • KT&G
  • AK Mall
  • KT
  • Samchully
  • Korea Expressway Corporation

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