Data Hub

Coocon acts as best Data Hub managing more than 50,000 types of data.
Here are three key components of COOCON: Collect, Connect, and Control.


Coocon has confidence and experience
to connect the largest number of institutions all over the world

2,000+ Financial Institutions from 40+ Countries

Our Global Network connecting 2,000+ financial institutions
in 40+ countries facilitates information access, transactions, and payments across the world.
Link your services to a variety of global data sources with Coocon.

as of 2021.03

50,000+ types of business data

We have focused on connectivity for 20+ years and introduced an 50,000+ types of business data APIs.
It helps our clients get a broader range of information and to improve their business.

80+ Banks

All national banks in

20+ Credit Card

All national Card
Companies in Korea

30+ Securities

All national Securities
Firms in Korea

40+ Insurance

All national Insurance
Companies in Korea

20+ Van Companies

Including finance/card
VAN Companies

50+ Public Institutions

Public Institutions
including NTS, NHIS, etc.

60+ Retails

Including large stores,
department stores, etc.

70+ e-Commerce

Including open markets,
delivery services, etc.


Coocon connects data sources in various ways so we enable
clients to receive information effectively

Smart Scraping

The world's best scraping technology
with Korea, US, Japan patents

Dedicated Line Network

Real-time connectivity for all financial
institutions in Korea via VAN

Coocon Big Data

Own approximately 30 million data
as of 2021 including reale state data,
business status data, etc.


Launch Korea's first open API Platform
with affiliated leading companies


The collected, connected information is provided as
standardized APIs which is developer-friendly