Payment APIs

A efficient way to add payment function with reduced risk.

Directly Connecting to
All Financial Institutions in Korea

Coocon Payment APIs directly connect to all 50+ financial institutions and networks in Korea
covering banks, security firms, card companies, insurance companies, and more.

Seamless Connectivity

supporting payment services
in a secure and effective way
with seamless connectivity to
all financial institutions in Korea

Data Integrity

preventing data loss/forgery
by receiving data directly via
dedicated lines

Watertight Security

maintaining the highest level of
security with redundant backup
and monitoring by experts in
24/7 Financial Security Center

Efficient Payment Process

Coocon offers suitable payment options for businesses.
Increase efficiency and productivity by adopting Coocon payment API that fits the best for your business.

  • KFTC's Open Banking
  • Bank Open APIs
  • Dedicated Lines
Simple Payment
  • account-based simple payment service
  • supports either WebView or API
Deposit / Withdrawal Transfer
  • automates bill payments for businesses
  • real-time payments via dedicated lines with all banks in Korea
Virtual Account
  • assigns unique account numbers to each of customers
  • real-time notification of each deposit

Reliable Payment Combined With Authentication Techniques

Consumers expect high-level security in payment services. Coocon enables financial service companies
to implement secure and reliable payment services with various authentication methods.

Account Holder Verification
  • confirms a bank account holder's name
  • Necessary API for Fraud Prevention
Micro-Deposit Authentication
  • non face-to-face identification using an existing bank account
  • check real-time with providing micro-deposits
Phone Call Authentication
  • identifies an individual with
    a phone call
  • strong evidence for registering accounts
Ok!z (Ok! Kids)
  • parental control app servic
  • gives permission for kids to pay online
Business Account Verification
  • simple payment based on a cor-porate account
  • authorizes employee for transaction
Bank Check Verification
  • verifies the status of checks
    (available, lost, etc.)
  • spots stolen or forged checks in real-time

Suitable Payment Services for Emerging Industries

Coocon supports businesses in emerging industries with practical knowledge of payment services.
Develop innovative services that drive the future with our APIs.

Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • non-face-to-face identification
  • verifies an account by matching user name
P2P Finance
  • prevents customer's investment from fraud by depositing it in banking sector
  • P2P financial product management
  • Cash deposit and withdrawal at account-based ATM
  • available at 30,000+ convenience store ATMs

Coocon enables us to connect all banks in Korea at once, saving us
a huge amount of cost and time. Their dedicated lines directly connect
to all national banks in Korea, so that we don’t need to spend more time on
each integration.

Seo Jang won, PO of KB Koomin Card

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